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We are a group of environmentalists and explorers across the state that helps people Explore, Restore, and Protect our state’s many Natural resources.


General Information and History

Since 1997, the community has been a dumping ground for the toxic waste material resulting from the burning of coal-coal ash. Coal ash contains a variety of heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, mercury, barium, cadmium, chromium, thallium, selenium, and so on. Coal ash issues have been in the spotlight as a major environmental issue across the nation following the recent coal ash spills in Tennessee and North Carolina. But now there is HOPE in LaBelle. A new community group — Helping Organize to Protect our Environment — has recently formed in LaBelle, PA. The group’s mission is to work together towards a healthy and safe environment for their families and future generations by putting a stop to the impacts of the toxic coal ash dump and contaminated water sources in this community. Many agricultural regions will experience declines in crop and livestock production from increased stress due to: heat and drought damage, degraded cropland soil, increased soil erosion, weeds, diseases, insect pests, and other climate change induced stresses.Many people in LaBelle have experienced negative health impacts that can be linked to exposure to coal ash such as respiratory problems, skin conditions, thyroid problems, kidney problems, and various forms of cancer.

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