The natural beauty of spring blossoms provided a feeling of joy and awe for these wonders. We were treated to beautiful pink Magnolia blossoms, yellow, white and orange daffodils covering slopes and front yards, tulips, hyacinths, and a variety of trees displaying stunning white and pink blossoms. The Allegheny Exploration has a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the plans for the future of Hays Woods. As you probably know, the city purchased this incredible tract of wilderness – 635 acres of woodland, the largest undeveloped tract of land in the city. Hays Woods has six streams, including a waterfall, three wetland areas, and, of course, is home to our nesting bald eagles. It will become the largest park in Pittsburgh. You may be aware that in 2005-06, the explorers along with a group of activists successfully prevented part of this woodland from being strip mined and becoming the site of a thoroughbred racetrack and housing development. We believe this current effort to determine its future will be a long, slow process as many factors (e.g. old gas wells, old deep mine, the eagles, the streams) need to be taken into consideration. Penny Matt is heading a group to become involved in the process of helping influence the future use of this marvelous woodland. Please contact him if you are interested in getting involved.