Pope Francis’s long awaited encyclical is finally here! On Sunday, June 28, there will be a huge rally marching to St. Peter’s Square where people of many faiths and those of no faith will celebrate. Around the world bells, gongs, chimes, and shofars will herald the letter addressed to the world at noon. One hundred and fifty young faith leaders from all over the world are arriving in Rome now to meet and learn how to carry this message home. This is a pivotal time in our world history. The letter is full of implications and recommendations and the implications for the compassionate care of all Creation. The Pope writes that what we need is “a global consensus that could lead to the planning of sustainable and diversified agriculture; better forest and marine management; development of renewable and less polluting forms of energy; and universal access to drinking water.” How are we to reach a global consensus? We will certainly have to try. The spirit of the Encyclical calls us to a newer approach. It calls for “deeply spiritual work,” work that aims to uncover the profound wisdom that our traditions, old and new can share.