2014 was the hottest year in human history. 2015 was dramatically hotter than 2014 and now holds the new historic record. Every month so far during 2016 has shattered temperature records, causing even climate scientists to cast about for new words to use to describe how terrified they feel. Also, recently had a couple of meetings with members of the other Association, who are very interested in promoting youth outdoor groups and such activities in the Mon Valley region. Several members of our NAACP Branch have a strong interest in engaging their youth in outdoor activities. This interest, along with developing the outdoor recreational opportunities of the Mon Valley, fits nicely into “sustainability” and we’ll be exploring this in 2016 also. All along I’ve been working to try to identify the community leaders necessary to develop the community involvement that will support the sustainability projects I’ve seen working in other areas. And this, really, is the next necessary step. Because, if you’re going to be successful developing Environmental Justice programs in a community, those programs must ultimately be based in, and directed by the community. That’s the ultimate challenge in the attempt to effect lasting change.