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Planet Keeps Warming While We Wait for Trump to Act



Although President-elect Trump may be in denial, the planet continues to get hotter and hotter. The second warmest October on record will most likely make 2016 the hottest year on record, with no sight of slowing down. And of significant concern is the abnormal temperatures in the polar regions, causing accelerated melting of glaciers in Antarctica and rising sea levels.

After no discussion of climate change during the Presidential debates, at the moment there is little pressure on Donald Trump to renege on his campaign promises. How those promises will play out is uncertain. Dismantling of the EPA may be difficult, but the possible choice of energy lobbyists to head the EPA is not encouraging. Also uncertain is the fate of Obama’s major effort to curb climate change,  the Clean Power Plan. While being contested in court, there may be limits to the changes Trump can make, and the coal miners of Appalachia may be disappointed. Of global impact Trump’s position on the implementation of the UN Paris Agreement on climate change; as seen at the current COP22 conference in Marrakech the ratification of the Paris Agreement is proceeding, but the desire of the Trump administration to work with China and India to reduce GHG emissions may be wanting.

Interesting times. Stay tuned.

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