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How ‘Green” are YOUR State Legislators.

Just how well are your elected state legislators helping to protect the environment? From the scorecard “2015-2016 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard”, we are able to see how the House members voted on eleven key measures in the current session. A table for Representatives in SW Pennsylvania (see House map) reveals that Dan Frankel and Ed Gainey (both Pittsburgh) and Dan Miller (Mt Lebanon) scored 100 pct. Five Representatives scored from 65 to 82, fourteen from 27 to 65 pct, all Democrats. Eight Representatives including two Democrats scored from 9 to 18 pct. At the bottom with scores of zero were nine Republicans.

In the Senate five measures were considered key. The three Democratic Senators in SW Pennsylvania (see Senate map) managed to only vote for two, and five Republicans voted for just one. Three Republicans including Reschenthaler of the South Hills scored zero on all five key measures.

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