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EPA Issues Standards for Heavy Truck GHG Emissions

As the final move to implement reductions in carbon pollution according to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan of June 2013, on August 16 the EPA issued final GHG emission standards for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Issued jointly with the National Traffic Safety Administration the intent is that by 2025 US trucks will produce 10 pct less carbon dioxide and consume 10 pct less fuel than at present. Using technology that is currently available, the regulations will be applied to the vehicle model years 2021 to 2027.

A statement from the International Council on Clean Transportation reads:

The agencies are to be commended for a very rigorous stakeholder engagement and regulatory development process, which has produced the most comprehensive and technically ambitious regulation for commercial vehicle efficiency in the world. This far-sighted regulation will continue to drive the development and deployment of cost-effective fuel-saving technologies.

Over the lifetime of all the 2018–2027 vehicles impacted from this rule, the agencies estimate over $200 billion net societal benefit for the trucks, trailers, and engines affected by this regulation. Of that, the largest part of the benefits are about $160 billion in fuel savings. Rippling through the economy, this would mean hundreds of dollars per household per year. And we will reap all of these fuel savings and economic benefits while keeping over 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Talk about a big win-win on big trucks!

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