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When you buy badges and patches from the Allegheny Group, you support the Allegheny Group’s local environmental advocacy.

Peace Trails Patch


Anyone who has walked in the Allegheny National Forest, or elsewhere in the upper Allegheny River Watershed, may now obtain a four-colored, embroidered, sew-on patch to commemorate their hiking experience. The patch, shaped like a broad arrowhead, is about four inches long and three inches wide. On the patch is a green pine tree with four white roots, displayed on a sky-blue field. The design has a historical basis: the five nations united in the Iroquois confederacy – Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondaga, Cayugas and the Senecas – maintained peace over a wide region. It extended along the Great Lakes as far west as Illinois and as far south as the Chesapeake Bay. The “Iroquois Peace” was established not by force alone, but also by offering justice and reasonableness. The symbol of the Iroquois Peace was the white pine tree. Its white roots, reaching to the four points of the compass, were paths that would lead peace-loving people to the shelter of the branches, which signified protection and security afforded by union under “the law”.

Laurel Highlands Trail Patches


The Allegheny Group sells a 3-inch embroidered green-and-gold center patch and six green-and-gold embroidered strip patches designed to fit around the periphery of the 3-inch center patch.  Each strip patch is an incentive, and an award for walking each of the trail sections and thus the entire length of the Laurel Highlands Trail.

Center patch: $2.00
70 mile, end-to-end patch: $1.50
Youghiogheny Gorge, 0-19: $1.00
Roaring Run, 19-32: $1.00
First Turnpike, 32-46: $1.00
Forbes Road, 46-57: $1.00
Conemaugh Gorge, 57-70: $1.00

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