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February 2009: Trails, Riverfronts, Local History

Trails, Riverfronts, Local History

Wednesday, 11 February 2009
7:30-9pm, Botany Hall, adjacent to Phipps Conservatory, Oakland.
Note unusual location!!!

Speakers include:
Bob Gangawere, former editor of Carnegie Magazine
Director of Friends of the River Front
with Brendan Wiant, Bally Design

Friends of the Riverfront logo

Trail sign, Heinz Plant, by Bally Design

Convention Center on the Riverfront

If you love the Three Rivers and you like to hike or ride trail bikes, this will be an exciting meeting. Bob and Brendan will spin out the tales of how the regional trials came to be… in very large part thanks to Sierra Club input in the early days. Out of all this have come the River Life Task Force, the Allegheny River Keeper, major support for the Three Rivers Rowing Association, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, the Head of the Ohio and much more that we take quite for granted in 2009. But they weren’t here at all 25 years ago and thanks to these organizations, they enrich our lives and make a major contribution to Pittsburgh being such a “livable city.” There’s lots more in the pipeline too. Come and learn what was what is now and what is yet to come in a fascinating meeting.

If you enjoyed the goodies at the last meeting, check out what we produce in February. Adrienne Ungar has volunteered to help with food. And you can contribute to this part of the meeting too, if you’re so moved. Contact Adrienne at ahu101 at comcast dot net.

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