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Court Tells NRC to Decide on Nuclear Waste Storage

Branded as a ‘clean energy, ‘nuclear energy is part of President Obama’s ‘all of the above’ approach to tackling climate change, with implications for Pittsburgh because nuclear powerhouse Westinghouse Electric is based here. Yet the U.S. has not solved the problem of disposing of all the highly radioactive waste created at our 65 operating nuclear power plants. The preferred single site to where all this waste should be shipped in Yucca Mountain in Nevada, but despite spending billions of dollars, that site is not in use largely because of the long-term geological stability of the site. On August 13 a Federal Appeals Court ruled that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has delayed for too long a decision on the Administration’s application to use the Yucca Mpountain site. Until the storage problem is solved, it is questionable whether nuclear energy should be included in a ‘clean energy’ portfolio.

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