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Beekeepers Sue EPA to Drop Another Harmful Pesticide

Artwork: Mike LaMark

The campaign by beekeepers and environmental organizations to remedy the collapse of bee colonies continues. Following the filing of a suit to reverse the EPA’s approval of the use of Bayer’s pesticide Clothianid in March 2013, on July 2 Earthjustice sued the EPA to suspend approval of Dow’s Sulfoxaflor, which is another member of the pesticide class known as neonicotinoids. According to the lawsuit, these pesticides have been shown to harm the survival, growth, and health of honey bees and other pollinators and have harmful effects on other animals, including threatened and endangered species. The full approval of Sulfoxaflor was given by EPA without an opportunity for public comment. NOTE: Updates on efforts to protect bee colonies, including pollinator studies in the US Farm Bill, are available HERE.

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