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16th Annual Huplits Wildlife Grants

Photo: Allegheny Defense Project

Each year a gift from the Huplits Foundation Trust is distributed by the Allegheny Group, Sierra Club, to award worthy grant applicants with projects to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat in Pennsylvania. This year the Huplits Wildlife Grants Committee awarded three grants totaling $50,000.

Allegheny Defense Project (ADP). To defend the settlement agreement reached between Sierra Club, ADP, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics and the U.S. Forest Service to conduct environmental reviews pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act before authorizing surface access for private oil and gas drilling projects in the Allegheny National Forest. The Huplits award will also help ADP fund the Pennsylvania Forest and River Action Project to protect public land in conjunction with efforts by Sierra Club groups. $30,000.

Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) – Land Acquisition in Pine Creek Watershed. To support the acquisition and conservation of the 150 acre Pittsburgh Cut Flower (PCF) property located in the Pine Creek Watershed in Allegheny County. ALT envisions a conservation area where sensitive habitats are protected and improved. Primary objectives include maintaining biodiversity, protecting water quality, preserving greenways and community engagement in land conservation. Huplits previously supported ALT in 2009 for the North Park Greenway land acquisition that has become the Irwin Run Conservation Area adjacent to North Park in Pine Township. $9,600.

Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ). To fund a biological survey of Little Mingo Creek in Washington County, an area under serious threat due to a newly proposed deep underground coal mine operation. Huplits previously supported CCJ with an award in 2011 for the Wheeling Creek Watershed Monitoring Program to establish baseline data on the aquatic wildlife habitat and water resources threatened by coal mining activities. $10,400.

Chris Seymour, Chair, Huplits Wildlife Grants Committee

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