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Obama’s Choice for Energy Secretary?

A Reuters report on Feb. 20 indicates that President Obama has decided to nominate Ernest Moniz of MIT to succeed Steven Chu as head of the Dept. of Energy. Environmentalists are disappointed with this choice; apart from being a nuclear physicist, Moniz’s group at MIT is funded by oil companies, and he is a supporter of exporting natural gas. At a time when the problem of climate change needs a strong leader for non-fossil energy development, Moniz appears to be a man for the status quo.

In a statement to The Hill, the Sierra Club’s legislative director Melinda Pierce said: “Were Mr. Moniz to be appointed secretary of Energy, we would stress to him that an ‘all of the above’ energy policy only means ‘more of the same,’ and we urge him to leave dangerous nuclear energy and toxic fracking behind while focusing on safe, clean energy sources like wind and solar.

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