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Tell DOE Secretary Chu: Natural Gas Exports Are Not the Answer.

Artwork: Mike LaMark

The Dept. of Energy (DOE) is considering the export of up to 40 pct of current US gas production through 19 different coastal LNG export terminals. Exporting even a fraction of that gas will have significant negative impact on our communities, the environment, and our climate. Yet, DOE has failed to seriously analyze these impacts. With the most recent economic study being completed, DOE is now accepting comment on this seriously flawed report, which fails to consider the lasting impacts that exports will cause. Please tell DOE Secretary Chu (LNGStudy@hq.doe.gov) to go back to the drawing board and look at how exporting fracked gas could hurt our communities.

Would you hire a consulting firm with strong fossil fuel industry ties to study whether or not exporting fracked gas is a good idea? The Department of Energy (DOE) did just that, and you probably won’t be surprised by the industry-friendly results.

The costs to our communities — air and water pollution, environmental destruction, lost jobs, climate disruption and even increased energy costs — are completely ignored or dismissed as unimportant to big business.

If Secretary Chu plans to consider exporting natural gas, then we deserve a study with the real numbers, the real costs, and all of the real facts. Allowing the natural gas industry to frack even more and export this fossil fuel without considering the harm to our communities is unacceptable.

Email your letter today (LNGStudy@hq.doe.gov). Tell Secretary Chu not to make any decisions about the future of exporting fracked gas without looking at the whole picture.

NOTE: Arguing that exporting LNG exports would raise domestic prices,
Dow Chemical has urged the White House to limit LNG exports. In a letter to DOE, Sen. Wyden also criticized the report for neglecting the impact of LNG exports on domestic economy as well as on the environment.

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