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2012 Hottest Year in the US and 2011 Saw Most GHG Emissions Globally

Map by NOAA

ACTION: Rep. Doyle gets it, but Congressmen Kelly, Murphy,
Rothfus, Shuster, and Thompson all need to hear from YOU.

Not as hot as Australia, but for the contiguous USA, 2012 was the hottest year on record, (see video for divergence from norm) and the third hottest year in Pennsylvania. It is probably not by coincidence that the drought and storms in 2012 followed a record emission of green house gases globally in 2011. According to the WMO, the concentration of long-lasting CO2 in the atmosphere has now reached 391 ppm, having increased at a rate of 2 ppm per year for the past decade. NOTE. Many scientists believe that 350 ppm is the upper limit for safe CO2 content in our atmosphere, up from pre-industrial level of about 280 ppm.

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