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Mining Rivers and Water

Mining Company Sued for Polluting Streams in Greene County

The coal industry often argues that it is being strangled by regulations. Evidence of why such regulations are needed was given on December 31 when the owners of the Emerald Mine #1 in Greene County were sued for years of dumping pollutants and wastewater into tributaries of Monongahela River. The citizen suit was filed in US District Court by the Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) under the Clean Water Act, and calls for remediation of the pollution and the payment of civil penalties.

We extended an offer to Emerald to discuss ways to amicably resolve this matter during the 60 day period, but they chose not to respond,” said Patrick Grenter, Executive Director of Washington County based CCJ. “We cannot and will not sit idly by while our rivers are continuously polluted. We have waited long enough for Emerald to stop illegally polluting our rivers and streams and now these ongoing violations must come to a stop.”

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