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Power Plants Rivers and Water

Greene County Power Plant Shifts Pollution from Air to Water

Because southwestern Pennsylvania is “rich” with coal, it is a sacrifice zone. Lands and buildings are destroyed, streams are ruined, and air and water are polluted.

The dirty coal cycle makes a semi-final stop when coal is burned for electric power. Old style power plants polluted the air with a range of pollutants. Now, when those power plants try to clean up, they look for cheap alternatives, and dumping the pollutants into the water is the easiest and cheapest.

Hatfield’s Ferry plant in Greene County installed scrubbers to reduce air pollution. Now it wants to dump the pollutants into the Monongahela River, a water source for towns along its banks all the way to Pittsburgh.

Those of us who object to the Hatfield’s Ferry plan are joining EarthJustice to file suit to get DEP to stand firm in its responsibility to keep our water safe to drink.  For more information, please contact Randy Francisco at 412-802-6161 or randy dot francisco at sierraclub dot org.

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