Cheswick Power Plant: Hearing on Permit to Reduce Pollution, Aug. 1

An opportunity to give voice to the need for clean, healthy air in the Allegheny River valley and beyond.

Leaked Document Reveals Dangers of the Trans-Atlantic Trade Agreement

Leaked revelations that this trade agreement is as bad as the Trans-Pacific agreement.

Quebec Run Now Part of the Pennsylvania Wild Area Program

Exceptional state forest area near Pittsburgh given formal Wild Area protection.

Quebec Run Hike in Memory of Bruce Sundquist, Aug. 20

Remember Bruce and enjoy a hike in this newly designated Wild Area.

Groups Urge PAT to ‘Green the Fleet’

Groups call for PAT to include electric buses in the new fleet.

Commercialization Bill Threatens Our State Parks

Contact your state legislator and urge him to oppose H.B.2013.

Keystone Pipeline, NAFTA, $15 Billion, and TPP

TransCanada uses NAFTA to sue the US for $15B, revealing a weakness in the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership.

WSJ Errs in Report that Sierra Club now Backs Nuclear Power

Contrary to Wall Street Journal reporting, neither NRDC nor the Sierra Club are shifting towards support of nuclear power because of climate change.

ACTION: Public Support Needed for Changes in Rules Governing Oil and Gas Drilling

Public action is needed to counter attacks on legislation intended to protect citizens’ health from the most harmful effects of oil and gas drilling.

Pittsburgh’s New, Wild, and Largest City Park

Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto deserves our thanks for negotiating the gift of Hays land for a new city park that could be the envy of other cities.

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