Driftless, a new play about fracking

Driftless, a new play about fracking August 11, 12, and 13, 2016 at 8:00 PM August 14, 2016, at 2:00 PM New Hazlett Theater 6 Allegheny Square E, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 $15.00 advance; $20.00 door A young family sprouts from the hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania. A Catholic priest from Minnesota embeds himself in a new […]

Hearings on Mon-Fayette Expressway Extension

Let the debt-ladenTurnpike Commission know what YOU think about the plan to extend the tollway from Jefferson Hills to Monroeville when investment in public transit is called for.

Pittsburghers Joined the Clean Energy March in Philadelphia

Pittsburghers went by three private buses and by car to urge the Democrats to recognize that there is a clean energy revolution afoot in the country.

GOP Platform Doesn’t Bode Well for the Environment

Without recognition of climate change the GOP has a clear plan to abandon needed protection of the environment in favor of the polluters.

Democratic Party Platform – Mainly Good, but Some Misses

Absence of a fracking ban and no opposition to TPP mars an otherwise strong platform for Democrats to run against the Republicans.

Global Temperature Record-Breaking Extends to 14 Months

The steadily rising average monthly global temperature raises urgency for climate action.

Anthrax, Wolverines, and Climate Change

Climate change has unexpected consequences for the native people in Siberia infected by anthrax and wolverines in Montana isolated in the shrinking snowpack.

Cheswick Power Plant: Hearing on Permit to Reduce Pollution, Aug. 1

An opportunity to give voice to the need for clean, healthy air in the Allegheny River valley and beyond.

Leaked Document Reveals Dangers of the Trans-Atlantic Trade Agreement

Leaked revelations that this trade agreement is as bad as the Trans-Pacific agreement.

Quebec Run Now Part of the Pennsylvania Wild Area Program

Exceptional state forest area near Pittsburgh given formal Wild Area protection.

Now available: The Summer 2016 Sierran

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